Family Photos : : The Sullivans : : Richardson, Texas

We all know family photos are tough. Anyone who's ever had to sit still while a photographer or a camera on a timed shutter balanced on a propane tank tries to capture your entire family, looking mildly intelligent, with eyes open and smiling right knows it is basically impossible and not very much fun.

But I whole-heartedly believe in the importance and value of family photos so I continue to do them anyway!

Because one day 20 years down the road, you or even that baby sitting on your knee right now is gonna look back on those photos and say, "wow! Look how tiny she was! Did I really used to wear my hair unlit like that? (because in the future we wear lightbulbs in our hair) Oh my gosh, these were taken before our son came along! Our house used to be so clean!"

They're artifacts. They're history. They're memories.

I am continually grateful that I get to be in the memory business, especially when I get to work with people like the Sullivans, who I've taken to calling "the unicorn family" because of how wonderful they were and well-behaved their one-year-old daughter was and simple and beautiful our session turned out to be. Jeff invited me into their stunning and colorful home and allowed me to capture some memories with them where they lived. Sure, it was a little tidier than usual, but still - home.

And there's no place like home, especially for family photos.

If you're interested in in-home family photos let - me - KNOW!