Love & Marriage : : Ned and Jenna Part 2 - Things Are Looking UP : : Tomball, Texas

As promised, here's part two to Ned and Jenna's engagement shoot! Classic wasn't enough for these two, they needed a healthy dose of whimsy to level it out. And few things are more whimsical than recreating and putting your own spin on the love story from what is arguably Pixar's best film - UP. 

P.S. Can we all get on board with how amazing it is that Jenna was able to find the perfect chairs for this undertaking?! Well, find/convinced her mother to let her borrow, but still - AWESOME.

P.P.S. A great big thank you to Casa Dhonau and Jenna's sister for giving us the run of the castle for this shoot and helping us wrangle balloons and bicycles and for just being wonderful folks. It's so nice to see that these two have such lovely and caring families to support them in their future marriage. Keep up the good work!