Senior Portraits : : Kimber Reed : : Argyle, Texas

As you look through these photos I'd forgive you for thinking, "well this girl is borderline schizophrenic! Is she a hippie? An athlete? A tomboy? The lady of the lake? What box do I put her in?! My paradigms are shattering!" While I can't really speak to the state of her mental health, as a photographer I can tell you one thing about Kimber and that's that she is FUN.

One moment she's smoldering so hard you think she might burn the woods down, the next she's bursting into a belly laugh.

"Oh hey, do you wanna take a picture of me, oh I don't know, TYING MY SHOE?!" (the answer to which is always, "yes please!").

And there's no end to what I could say about her hair! (seriously, I don't think we ever found out where it ended)

But aside from being so obviously comfortable in front of the camera, Kimber's also very kind and gracious and I really just had a great time taking her photos. Special thanks to Danielle for driving the golf cart and helping to keep things fresh while shooting, and also to their grandparents for letting us literally run around their property all evening! Enjoy!