Love & Marriage : : Angie & AJ : : Clear Creek Nature Preserve : : Denton, Texas

It's weird, but at the conclusion of AJ and Angie's engagement portrait session I realized that most of my favorite photoshoots have begun with my clients showing up late.*

Whether they were late because they were just putting that little extra oomph into color coordinating their outfits, held up by maintenance on the Paris metro or, like AJ and Angie and most of us who live in and around the metroplex, were preoccupied surviving the seemingly eternal torment of traffic on 35W between Fort Worth and Denton, every SINGLE time the photos have turned out wonderful!**

I think it's a matter of relief. You're rushing and dodging and flying by the seat of your pants to get to the location and you're thinking, "oh my gosh, is he even still there!"

But then you arrive. And maybe you see me across the way happily snapping photos of squirrels before I jaunt over to say hey. Then we get started and it feels so nice to just be their with your husband- or wife-to-be while this giant bearded guy rolls around in the grass and takes photos of you as he loudly goes on and on about how great this musician Anderson East is.

"Well this isn't bad at all!" you'll think. "Also this Jacob guy is really cool! He's the best! I will take his music recommendations!"

But maybe not.

Maybe AJ and Angie are just a really sweet couple who are quite obviously in love and couldn't be bothered with being self-conscious in front of the camera because they were too preoccupied teasing one another, embracing or smooching or just being there with the person they're giddily anticipating spending the rest of their life with. 

I seriously had so much fun with these two and could not be happier to be shooting their wedding in February. 


*This is not a recommendation that you arrive to our photo session late.

**Still wouldn't want to chance it, PLEASE don't be late.