about myself

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I love breakfast, biking and being in the company of family, friends and my lovely wife Lizbeth.

I study film, history and people. If I were to wax poetic, I’d say I study light, time and the shapes that move through them.

I believe that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth constitute the single most significant moment in all of history and I try to live my own life accordingly.

I am a bit of a wanderer. I don’t mean to be, but I can’t seem to stay put anyplace for very long. I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to travel both far and often, and would relish the chance to work while on the road. 

I lived in Spain for a year and studied Spanish all throughout high school and college, pues hablo español con fluidez (mas o menos) y me da un gozo especifico poder vivir con y colaborar con hispanohablantes en cualquier sitio.

I admire the people whose lives consist of caring for and cultivating the lives of others: the friend you can always count on; the teacher that gets through to you; the considerate and conscientious leader; a good parent (I’ve got two!). But more specifically the apostle John, Abraham Lincoln and Danny Boyle.


about my home

I’m a Texan, born and bred.

I've spent a major part of my life moving up and down Highway 377, being from Granbury and going to college up in Denton. I know Fort Worth better than I know Dallas, and Austin certainly has its charms. I seem to like West Texas more than most people, but that’s probably because No Country for Old Men is my favorite movie and also I’ve never spent more than three days in that godforsaken wasteland. But as big as it is and as loud as we sometimes are, I’m proud to call Texas home.


About my work

When I consider taking on a client, what I'm looking for are moments and memories. Forget all that business about aperture, ISO, shutter speed and exposure; moments and memories are the real stuff of photography!

The moment he popped the question.

The memory of your wedding day.

The moment you go from being husband and wife to mom and dad.

The memory of how small his hands used to be.

The moment you laugh.

The memories you share with your friends and your family.

I’m also looking for collaborators.

A moment can be caught in the snap of a shutter, and I pride myself on my eyes and instincts in this department. But that is ultimately only a small part of the memories you and I hope to make together. And that’s what I’m looking for in my clients. I want you to bring me the moments you want to remember!

Tell me all about how you met, how he popped the question, how sick the band will be at your wedding!

Take me to that place where you go for a walk, where you get brunch every weekend, where you like to camp out!

Show me the ring, the sonogram, that tooth your child just lost, the stuff that you make and the things that you do!

I want to get more than business. 

I want to deliver more than a product. 

I want moments and memories, and I want to share them with you.